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Whats Anywhere?

2017-06-19 18:14:43 by kalabor106

Just been around, not really posting anything anywhere. Poking at my cartoons and not getting anywhere. Looking for work and not getting anywhere. Damn is there any thing anywhere?

Hope everyone on here is doing okay or even awesome. Been working on two cartoons but tend go ADD and jump between them frequently. Can't get anything done doing that, hu? Needless to say I am working on something, but only for a modest bit as my back kills me seating down at the computer for elongated amount of time. Think the chair needs replaced. That or I have some sort of back problem. 

Take pleasure in the summer and its hot sticky goodness before it becomes chilly and nipple freezing.

Next toon

2016-07-29 22:25:04 by kalabor106

Trying to decide what to do next. I have been working on TMNT (forever) but like to do another project with it. Still wanted to get the beast of "Contra Rampage 2 "on the burner. But not sure if anyone really cares to see a second part to that. So I'm in conflict on what to do next...

Check your Youtube account

2016-03-03 03:27:44 by kalabor106

A good number of people have all their stuff on Youtube suddenly turned offf/private what ever it might be  Some major bug that just popped up so if you have this problem your not ban. Just a heads up. Thanks goodness I've never had such a messy bug here on Newgrounds.

Streaming More

2016-02-25 19:52:39 by kalabor106

So I'm streaming a bunch more while working on my animations. Thought it would be fun to host it on a site thats dedicated to live streams with art. So if you are wondering  what I'm working on, want to pop in to say hello, or just have nothing to do and want to watch something for a few mins. Check on my stream channel.


Second Channel

2016-01-09 19:00:58 by kalabor106

So thought I'd not spam my main channel on Youtube with live streams so Made a second Channel to do that stuff and other mess around like stuff. So if you'd like to watch, talk to me, or maybe even Participate Join on in.

Also never said much on my plans this year on what I'm planning to get done. The big TMNT I want to get done this year. So i'll be pushing on that one much more than I have been. Have a Mario cartoon waiting for others to finish. Another Sonic cartoon(why) And one I'm looking forward to do is Contra Rampage 2. Anyhow I'm pretty excited this year (for some reason) and am ready to get some fun stuff out.

This is my sad live stream I did earlier today.






Old to New

2016-01-01 00:40:12 by kalabor106

A old one down and a new one to start. I'm really hoping I get more done this year on animations.

Ive noticed thoughout my activity here on Newgrounds. I loose one cartoon each year. Last year I only posted one! ONE!? WTF! Really? 2015 I hate you! What was I busy with? People would say Life... But thats a lazy answer to saying you didnt care or just lazy. I was more just lazy or working on stuff that feels like a black hole.

So I'll beat 2015 submition amount of one by starting the new year with one to start with. Should have a few more popping up here soon.

Anyhow hope everyone is doing fine and dandy and having a great new year. CHEERS!



Roto project

2015-11-28 04:20:53 by kalabor106

Thought it would be fun to try out a project with rotoscope so I wanted to have people send me videos of them acting to a character they want animated. If you not sure what I'm talking about check out my video.




Live Stream Friday

2015-10-26 18:52:00 by kalabor106

Planning to live Stream Friday. I'll be animating and talking with a guest. It'll be hosted on my youtube channel and I'm planning to host it around 3pm Mountian time. So if your bored and like to chat with us pop on in.


SN Raptor

2015-06-28 17:47:09 by kalabor106

My good friend Mike/ Eyesadrift is going to Drop a project we have been thinking about for a little while. I'm sad about it and was thinking maybe if enough people tell him to changed his mind he would carry on with it.

I'd like to see the light and hopefully enough of you guys would too. So check out this video

Update: I got my mario cartoon done just waiting on a few others to get their stuff to me so I can get it put together.

Hope everyone is doing fine and all that Jazz

Whats the plans

2015-05-06 02:56:54 by kalabor106

Been a little slow on my animaton work as of lately. Sort of bummed cause of it. Looking back A few years I had a bunch of stuff on here. Now I'm lucky if i get two animation on here a year. And even they seem some what sub par.

I'd like to say I could double my efforts and make it happen. Although I dont want to promise something that cannot be kept. But I can say I'll "TRY" to make an effort to get more content out. 

Just feel in a rut and need to feel focused on something.

Oh and here is a little update on my youytubey thingy magiggey. Skip to the end if you have already seen my shit and stuff video here on newgrounds.


Anyhow people, have a great day and I'll do the same. ;)