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Holy cow man, spot on with working with pizza and people. Wanting certain amount of pepperonis on a 1/4 of the pizza or cutting a medium pizza into 24 slices. Its not cooked enough or to much. Damn cooking machines worked only half the time and a completely worthless co-worker. When your about to close and someone wants 12+ pizzas. at 1mintue till your done. I got so pissed once I threw pizza pans crossed the room cussing as loud as I could that everyone pretty much could hear me outside the kitchen. Needless to say I quit. :)

I really thought he was going to get injured and while in the hospital start eating cookies again but the bloke just died LOL!!!

Looks like the Slaanesh have competition.

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This is pretty cool. Hoping you give the option for the cut scenes with voices. The monster sprites how they die turn brown and float down was confusing as I kept thinking they were so sort of pick ups. But for a demo its pretty cool ;)

TwinBlazar responds:

Thank you.

We will put your suggestion into consideration.

That was fun

Played it though and enjoyed it. Never touched any of the shield, fire or any of those. Just upgraded the crossbows and tore the place apart. Only down side was, It was over to fast ;)
Liked the 3D graphics.
5/5 10/10
Great game.

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Was that Duke Nukem?

Saminat responds:

Tell Tovan I'm going to kill him :Y

Thought it was going to be a sad song but the chorus tells more of a uplifting side to life and that is those who care for you. I enjoyed it a lot. If I was looking for anything it would be The way you sung the intro were hard to catch certain words and at one point it sounds like you changed on how you were singing the intro. But the rest is great man.

RealFaction responds:

Thanks. :)

Sounds pretty good man.

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I'd like to see some with more armor. Just to see what you would come up with while keeping them sexy looking

Twisted4000 responds:

Heheh, will do! ;)

Freaking Awesome! Thanks for the great picture. ;)

Twisted4000 responds:

No probs, happy birthday, dude! : )

So many movies have this pose. I'll take a stab at it and say its based off the iron man 3 poster? Regardless I had a good chuckle at this.

It's like someone invites you to a party and you don't show up. It doesn't really matter.

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