Sonic ex pals is out

2013-10-01 18:32:32 by kalabor106

Been on and off on this animation lately. So I'm glad that this is finally done and submitted. You can view and hopefully you can enjoy it for what it is.

Been working on another project that is taking forever but someday I'll get it out there for people to see. It has a pretty big Voice Acting list. Need that big of a list of artist now to get this project done.* Hint hint*. Anyhow have a Great day everyone.


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2013-10-02 09:28:28

Great stuff.

kalabor106 responds:

Thanks man.


2013-10-02 17:25:26

Ya-know, I can voice-act in this if you want. Oh and uh... Nothin' personal regarding the other Video I've commented on, I wasn't trying to be harsh or anything it's just that it's some things that freaks me out. Hope you understand that.

kalabor106 responds:

No I didn't take it personal at all. That is why I was joking with it. Only time is when someone attacks me personally. Like saying I should die or you suck and should never draw again.
As for Voice acting the project I'm working on right now has all been done. I might of worded it weird to sound like I need VA. I have a lot of voice actors that have contributed to this project already. As for artist that is who I need. If your interested still when I start on any other project I'll make a news post and see if anyone wants to VA for me. Sorry about that.


2013-12-01 13:25:16

Instant classic man!

kalabor106 responds: