Zelda Cartoon

2013-01-31 03:08:31 by kalabor106

Made a Zelda cartoon. I know there are only a millions of these but why not a million and one? Don't be afraid and check it out. Really wanted it on a flash but some reason my projects look small and when I get done with them they become way to big for flash to run them correctly. Hopefully next time.
Anyhow check it out.

Claim down people its not rant. Its just for fun so don't take it personal. I like Zelda games myself. Just sometimes they do stupid things like have a baby running a items shop. But its all good.
Thank you everyone for supporting this. I am always happy regardless of the review to see how the mass takes it.

Zelda Cartoon


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2013-01-31 04:16:59

Dude.. at first I was about to say WTF is this dude ranting about zelda crap here and there then I watched it.....I could not say anything else. I was actually surprized I have to give it to you frame by frame, paralax walk to run cycle. not bad in deed. I actually like this Zelda parody short. Even with the rather grotesque looking characters at point, this was a parody after all and I did laugh several times so all my point goes here. My only gripe was the art but the animation and jokes cleared that up. I am still dying-- get it dying from laughter good work dude.

kalabor106 responds:

Hey Thank. I've been trying to make them look better but some reason it just fights me. Not sure why it always ends up looking awful. I glad you could look past and enjoyed the animation anyways.


2013-01-31 11:40:00

i wish it was a porno then iwould have watched

kalabor106 responds:

I'll get right on that.


2013-01-31 23:26:02

I hope You don't have to much trouble with your diabetes you fat fat fatty hahaha!

kalabor106 responds:

I need my soda.


2013-01-31 23:33:59

All these horse butts aren't making it any easier to care about your health problems.

kalabor106 responds:

Sure. Dang nab it those horse butts are everywhere. Don't strike a match.


2013-02-01 15:36:36

Ha nice.

kalabor106 responds:

Thanks man