The Projects

2011-01-19 18:12:11 by kalabor106

Okay here is an update on my work for anyone who might be looking.
So right now I've sort of gone A.D.D on the animations. I had one to begin, now I'm working on three. First started on one project that I'm "trying" to make better then my first animation. That one is near its halfway point. Some of the earlier stuff will be fixed since it looks to stiff. I just hope all this work is worth it.
Second one got the voices all compiled and organized. And made a few scenes. Looks okay. This one isn't going to be as detailed as the first one. And I think this one will be out before the first one. Mainly another test animation to see if I can figure out my tard problem on how to add a loading screen and a replay. I really do suck at the script on flash. In addition people may hate me for this cartoon since it has a huge fan base to it.

Last, the third one has only voices recorded and a storyboard. This one sucked since I had to scream a part as hard as I could. That freaking hurt. Its a odd idea of a flash but it might get a laugh.

All these cartoons will be parodies since I'm still trying to get use to how to draw on a computer. And it makes it nice to have a character reference to go off of. Maybe sometime I'll get a style down and actually get some cool looking animations on here. Maybe...

Update- The second project (Sonic) is trucking along just fine. Not in anyway spilling my blood and guts into this project but trying none the less to make it at least enjoyable to watch. Here is a "basic" idea for the cover page for it. If you have any suggestions on how to make it look better feel free to say so. Other then that I'll get back to work.

The Projects


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2011-01-20 18:40:56

Can't wait man! WOOO!


2011-01-23 22:46:20

man I can't wait til your next cartoon comes out!

kalabor106 responds:

I know, Its taking way to long to animate. But it should be good. Fingers crossed.


2011-01-30 00:16:28

I really do hope to see more great things from you, your Contra parody is a classic piece of work.

Best of luck

- J

kalabor106 responds:

Hey thanks. Hope to sometime when finished with this to get the second part of contra out.


2011-02-03 23:56:12

yeah I'm going to have to get that work whip a crackin'.

kalabor106 responds:

I have scars from that whip!


2011-02-06 23:29:38

I got a one for runner up for the cover page" Xbox sonic!"Just his face XD it would be amazing. Or a really muscly Sonic with... Holy crap I got it, it's the best cover for it hahaha... Have to be SUPER secret with it for some reason because it to grrrrrreat. Ok i can't wait I'll tell you right now it's... wow i need a banana, ok I'll just tell you really fast , it's... Man I need a banana..brb...

kalabor106 responds:

Why not a apple?


2011-02-15 17:24:06

So redid the Title Card and it looks pretty good a bit misleading to the actually story but fun none the less. Detail work is a little slow but tonight I have all of it to myself to work on this sucker.I'm hoping to gain some major ground tonight.


2011-02-20 02:05:24

Love how it works. Try to get ahead and then I get sick. Nasty flu found my door and pulled me away from my computer for a while. Been down for about 3 days. But now that the nasty part of it has gone I can try and get this thing done and put out. Didn't want this project to last so long. I have so many other flashes I'd like to get out there, but spazing about isnt going to get anything done. Well back to the detail work. Oh yes about 3/4 the way through the detail. YEAH!